Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Vintage Cruiser: A BF Goodwrench Charger

Yo! I am stoked, this is my new vintage cruiser. I believe her to be a late 60's BF Goodwrench Charger. This charger has my favorite eagle handle bars that allow for a vertical ride while her factory back platform is solid and will hold the battery pack I hope to help assist with this one speed cruiser. In the casing on the frame is a battery pack wired to two headlights in the front. And the white walls, MmwwahH, so smooth.

I prefer the female low bar style in most cases because: it looks cooler, they are easier and can be saddled and unmounted with style and grace, and they look cooler. Many of the vintage male style, especially vintage Schwinns, look square and bulky. Although, I like this male style vintage cruiser which I also could have got today but I'm not to keen on the wide handle bars.

Soon my pictures will be stylee but I wanted to get some quick pics up.

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Kasey M. said...

That is actually a 1965 Sears bicycle. Do you happen to know what type of batteries the headlights take? I can't find anything for mine.