Friday, December 5, 2008

Biking in Montreal Quebec

rad bikes Montreal winter snow
Montreal Quebec is a fabulously fun town to bike in with beautiful riverside bike paths that seamlessly enter downtown and dedicated bike lanes in the city, in the summer that is. The winter is another story. Although there are locals who ride in the winter, seriously, its crazy icy and snowy and there are people on speed bikes riding in the streets! Quebecois are hard core, no doubt; they even stud their tires and race on ice!
But for the most of us winter in Montreal is a time to put the bike away. I mean that, before the first snow get your bike inside. If you leave it out all winter it will rust so bad it will be ruined. I know this from experience. If your bike is attached to your fence next to the walk then get it away from the walk. Many nice old school bikes get bent to ruins by the plows because the snow is so high the bikes are buried in the snow and- you guessed it- they get plowed!

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