Saturday, December 6, 2008

1971 Schwinn Suburban Vintage Cruiser

Cool Bike Vintage 1971 Schwinn Suburban cruiser
The classic 1971 Schwinn Suburban Female cruiser in factory metallic green. This vintage bike has a sweet chrome front head light powered by a back wheel generator as well as a coned red plastic and polished aluminum tail light; these generator electric lights look like motorcycle headlights coming down the road. This model has a seven gear derailer, my first Schwinn Suburban had the Sturmey and Archer 3 speed inner hub gears; also, wicked cool factory metallic gold brake grips. Both were purchased in Oregon. All original parts and paint, the springy seat makes the solid design ride smoothly enabling the rider to sit up straight even while climbing steep San Francisco hills. The handle grips and seat have Schwinn imprinted on them.

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Dallas Shaw said...

this one is sweet


Sarah_Pittman said...

I'm reserching info to fix up my 73 schwinn suburban and I found your blog through google. Did you find the bike like this or fix it up? If you did fix it up, do you have some tips for working with this particular model?
Thank you.

Mark Stegman said...

Hi Sarah. Fortunately for me I received this bike in this condition; the most amazing aspect of both of the two Schwinn Suburbans' that I have owned is the condition that I got them in. That is what I look for when I buy them, working parts, electric generator lights, factory issued original parts, all of which are becoming more difficult to find.
KUDOS on your restoration effort. I use a small wire steel wool to polish the rust from chrome/metal on rims, handlebars, and lights. I was able to find a derailer at the bike co-op in Eugene CAT (Center for Appropriate Transport); they had boxes of all types of old parts. I would try to leave the original factory paint job if it is more that 60 percent there and looks decent; the metallic colors and original "Schwinn Suburban" are not made anymore. But if I had to repaint a Suburban I would paint it white, or metallic green.

My apologies for a late response; let me know if I can help in any way. I would love to see your project. Happy cruising.